Environment Sustainability

Ambiance way, with Comfort and Style.

Ambiance way, with Comfort and Style.

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. We, at Ambiance, are aware of the growing need to preserve the planet. Our suppliers make a conscious effort to address the impact of furniture products on the environment by considering all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. Bearing in mind that these are renewable sources, it is ensured that for every tree cut down, it is replaced with three or four times the number. Hence they not only provide us for a long foreseeable future, but also allows us to get what we need without delving into old growth habits.

To reduce the consumption of trees and paper waste, we offer a digital catalog on our website. Our goal is to steadily guide our customers exclusively to the digital catalog.

Whenever possible, we ensure the amount of packaging materials used to ship our furniture and use recycled or easily recyclable packing materials. Our suppliers and we are diligently working towards eliminating Styrofoam packaging. We ensure our suppliers support and diligently follow reforestation programs that replace trees used in the production of our furnishings.

Our supplier’s efficient manufacturing process reduces energy use, material waste, cost, and increases productivity, which in turn allows to reduces the factories carbon footprint. We ensure and believe the best way to conserve environmental resources is to source from suppliers who design and manufacture furniture with impeccable quality and time honored style that is will last for generations.

Ambiance believes in moving to the next phase of sustainability leadership and promoting innovative green business practices