We Ambiance, are passionate about well-designed, timeless furnishings and have come together as partners with many Italian companies, to bring the history, quality, and craftsmanship of Italy to homes across the world. Thus, most furniture pieces that are displayed in our showroom bearing this insignia is of heirloom quality with comfort and style—made to bring beauty and function to the home for generations to come.

Made in Italy’ signifies a product has been created by artistic, talented skilled hands driven by a passionate dedication to preserving the long tradition of Italian craftsmanship.


The certificate ensures that the furniture are entirely made in Italy, from Italian semi-finished products, constructed from top-grade, quality materials, using drawings and projects developed exclusively by the company and constructed using traditional Italian handicraft workmanship. The Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers (ITPI) issued the important '100% Made in Italy Certificate'. The ITPI has developed a certification system whereby manufacturers can mark their creation distinguishing them from those of uncertain Italian origin. Thus, consumers are given assurance on origin and quality. The recent sociological studies showed that the determination of the purchase by the consumer passes through a guarantee. This prestigious certificate assures the end consumer about the origin of a product.


Ambiance is a company with an ethical and social commitment to protecting today’s environment and for generations. We commit to integrating environmental sustainability into our business processes.We aim to be ecologically sound in all aspects and therefore to have the lowest possible environmental impact we make sure that our Suppliers ensure in all the phases of their products’ life cycle are “green”.We are pleased to say that starting with the raw materials purchased to the packaging of our products, our Suppliers are FSC® certificated which ensures environmental, social and economic benefits.


Ambiance deals with the companies and make rigorous inspection at their factory that produces its products with care and dedication, starting exclusively with domestically produced components and materials which is 100 % MADE IN ITALY, that meets the highest quality standards: from the mechanisms, HD foam, suspensions, wood and metal or wooden legs, to the outer fabric and leather covers.


We ensure our suppliers use genuine top grain leathers on all our Sofas. As a result you may see minor scratches, insect bites and scarring. These are not defects, but in fact confirm that this is a high quality top grain hide with natural scar and appearance. There will be a distinct leather smell when you first receive your lounge, which will soon disappear over time. It is not recommended that armrests and tops of backrests are used for seating. These structures are designed for their intended purpose only and may not sustain excessive weight. Abuse of your suite may invalidate your warranty.

To ensure longevity of our premium products avoid placing your suite in direct sunlight or close to heat sources as this can fade and dry out the leather, causing it to crack or rapidly deteriorate. Some medications and applying special oils on body through perspiration, can cause leather to deteriorate and/or discolor. Some medications specify this; if unsure, consult your health care professional. Pets can scratch the leather, which can cause your Sofas to deteriorate. It is highly recommended you do not let your pets on the leather lounge


We Ambiance ensure that our Suppliers have full-fledged in house Research and Development Department to ensure consistent product and design development and quality checking, starting from the process of sourcing till loading of the consignment. Our qualified technicians of our Suppliers take into account the latest trends and optimize costs, dimensions and packaging to make sure the furniture appealing at our customer’s home.